Tuesday 12/10/13

Happy Tuesday, folks! Remember, the best way to keep yourself warm is to keep watching our show.

We started things off today by talking about a new trend that’s started in the more immature people of the country: butt-slapping. What’s butt slapping you ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like: unsuspecting backsides are getting touched all over the place, and some people are less than happy. We can’t really imagine why.

Next, we continued our Winter Under-land activities by making snow angels. Cody and Rachel came into the studio to show off their horizontal jumping-jacks in our faux-snow pile. The best way to stay warm during a naked snow angel is by stacking your other naked friend on top, which also helps push more snow, so… you know… win-win.


After that, we welcomed in Meital, who is a singer/songwriter/actress (aka the big three), to talk about her new song “Give Us Back Love,” which is available on iTunes and Beatport. She talked about her two Israeli Oscar Noms, and what it’s like being naked on camera. On an unrelated note, anyone who can rock a tiger-print cat suit like that is alright in our book.



We then took a break for a moment, and then it was time for another Naughty or Nice List throwdown. Rachel came in to tell us a story, as Cody and Toryn played the angel and devil and tried to win her soul for their side. After the dust settled, Rachel was thrown up on the Naughty List along with Andrea and Emily Rose. It’s getting a little one-sided…

shoulders after2

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