Wednesday 12/11/13

It’s Hump Day, so let’s get over it.

We began the craziness today with a lightning round of Good Naked/Bad Naked, where a nudist-exclusive realtor was deemed good, and a crazy windshield-bashing crazy naked man was deemed bad. But who are we to pass judgment?

Next, we continued our Winter Under-land outdoor snow activities with a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Our sexy ladies Chloe and Lindsey came in and threw down from behind their snowforts with deadly accuracy. Being naked must increase your aim. It definitely makes you harder to hit.




After that, we welcomed in actress and writer Jenny Mollen, who is a regular contributor to’s Sex and Dating articles, with her “What She Said” pieces. Jenny talked about her latest article, which involves her pregnancy (she’s married to Jason Biggs), and what that has done to her sex drive (it’s made her insatiable).


Since she’s also a Twitter superstar (she won a Twitter award, so you know it’s legit), we figured we’d play another round of Top Teets vs. Top Tweets. Our models Chloe, Lindsey, and Ali Rose came in to tweet and also distract with their tops off. This time it worked out, as Jenny was dumbfounded. Although that may have had something to do with the fact that the topic involved Nelson Mandela. Either way.

teets after

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