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Thursday 12/12/13

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It’s Thirsty Thursday, and we’ve got a cold glass of Morning Show to get you started.

We kicked things off today by talking with our good friend Mr. Skin, who counted down his top TV shows of 2013, which ended up being “Orange is the New Black,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Masters of Sex.” If you haven’t seen these shows yet, don’t take our word for it… take Skin’s. He knows these things.

After that, we played a special round of the world’s longest-running naked game show Know It or Show It in honor of the colder weather, aptly called Know It or SNOW It. We’re very proud of ourselves for that one. Our sexy models Krista, Bobbi, and Carrie took turns going up to the Snow-dium (less proud of that one), and tried their best to answer winter trivia. This time around, the game ended with three very naked ladies dancing around in a no-budget snowstorm, which is the safest snowstorm to be naked in.

knowit snowstorm

We took a quick break and then it was time to continue our Winter Under-land outdoor fun-time activities. Today we had our lovely ladies skate around the rink right here in the studio! Ok, so maybe they slid around on an oiled-up tarp, BUT that’s pretty much the same thing. This was a historic moment because it marks the first time any man has ever cared about figure skating. The trick is to have the figures themselves be nude.

Finally, we unwrapped another present from under our fabulous Morning Show Non-Denominational, Totally Politically Correct Wintertime Green Tree! Or Xmas Tree for short. The ladies found some stockings in their gift today, and not just your regular old Christmas stockings, but fishnet Christmas stockings. They’re not as good about holding gifts, but they make your chimney mantle look a hell of a lot sexier.