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Friday 12/13/13

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Happy Friday, everybody! We barely made it through another week, but now we’re free. We had a crazy one to send you out into weekend-land, so let’s get ‘r dun.

We began the shenanigans today with some sexy sign language. As that guy from Nelson Mandela’s funeral showed, you don’t need to actually be able to sign ASL in order to get a pretty high-ranking job, so we gave it a go with some sexy topless ladies. We don’t know what they’re saying, but we sure do like to watch.

After that, we talked with Robin Leach, and let the signing continue, because of their hypnotic power. Robin talked about Holly Madison’s new cabaret opening up, and also Vegas seems to continue being overrun with cowboys. And not just the giant neon kind.

Next, it was time to unwrap another present from under our Non-Denominational Holiday Tree, and the ladies picked up some “Mystery Mistletoe,” which gave them the power to get a kiss wherever they wanted on their body. Here in the Mini Mansion the mistletoe hangs low.

We welcomed into the studio today Alfredo Rodriguez, jazz pianist extraordinaire. He’s playing at an exclusive Playboy event this weekend, and told us what it’s like being one of Quincy Jones’ most talented collaborators.



After a short intermission, we dove into the Friday Awards, where the Butt Slaps and Snow Angels from earlier in the week took home the coveted golden lady trophy. We also paid a tearful tribute to all the clothing we lost this week. Don’t feel bad for the clothes, remember: the brightest flame burns half as long, and the lost bra exposes twice as much. Or something.

Finally, we wrapped up our Winter Under-land activities with a little Winter Obstacle Course. Our sexy models Rachel, Sasha, Gabby, and Sandra got in their ice-covered car and drove into a snow pile, before being pulled on a snow saucer into the studio, throwing snowballs at a lewd snowman, and jumping into a giant pile. You know, like a normal morning commute in the Midwest.