Monday 12/16/13

Happy Monday, folks. It’s our last week before we take a little Christmas break, so let’s make it count.

We started things off today by checking in with some bad pick-up lines that hot chicks hear… read by hot chicks themselves. Even attractive girls can’t make these lines seem like a good idea.

Next, we talked on the phone to Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon whose recent CNN article has gone viral because it purports that man boobs can be caused by smoking pot. Stoners everywhere are totally freaked out, man, but the jury’s still out, so don’t harsh your vibes too much. Since we’re on the subject of moobs, we decided to put Kevin and Andrea’s knowledge of breasts to the test with our game Boobs vs. Moobs. Think you can tell whether a nipple belongs to a man or a woman? We used to think so too, and now… well, now we don’t really know what to believe…

We took a two minute break, and then it was time to play a traditional game here in the Mini Mansion, Mistletoe or Camel Toe. The beautiful Samantha came in and Kevin and Andrea had to guess if she was smuggling  a little something extra in her panties. You know, besides her lady parts.

After that, we welcomed in Sarah and London to help pick the Mega Millions numbers for you fine folks out there playing the lottery. At half a billion dollars, you’d be crazy not to. For those of you keeping track at home, the numbers are 10, 26, 36, 40, 55, and a mega 11. Good luck! You’ll need it.


Finally, we closed the show today by doing another Present Unwrapping, and today’s gift was the gift of dance! Santa’s Lap Dance, to be specific, and London showed her moves on the laps of Sarah and Sam as we signed off for the day. If your shopping center Santa starts asking for lap dances, notify your nearest mall cop.

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