Wednesday 12/18/13

Happy Hump Day, ya’ll. Let’s get to the show.

Today we kick-started the show by playing another round of our favorite holiday game, Camel Toe vs. Mistletoe. Today’s subject was the lovely Kaysee, who really did a good job of hiding that thing, fooling even the most learned of coochie scientists. Like, whoa.

After that, we checked out another Movie Trailer Review, this time featuring the film “Madea’s Christmas” from director Tyler Perry. The ladies loved what they saw, giving it 4 nips up. For those of you keeping track at home, that means this movie trailer is 3 times better than the one for “It’s a Wonderful Life.” So, take everything with a grain of salt.

Next, we welcomed in rapper and producer Kid Ink, who (as his name indicates) is covered in tattoos. He talked about his new video with Chris Brown, and how to distinguish fans from groupies. It’s a really fine line.

kidcouch kidafter

Since Kid is such a tattoo expert, we thought we’d play Lady and the Tramp Stamp with him, where we try to guess whether our sexy models have ink above the stink. Eden, Kaysee, and Mariah all came in with their lower backs wrapped up with bows and answered questions about how they like sex, to see if there were any tell-tale tramp stamp signs. After much interrogation, they revealed that none of them had tats… at least, not on the small of their back.


After a short break, we came back and featured Kid’s directorial debut, as he gave pointers to our ladies on how to shoot the perfect music video that could be played this New Year’s Eve. Tune in tomorrow to see if we can salvage anything we shot, or if the entire thing is left on the cutting room floor.

kevandreakid after

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