Thursday 12/19/13

Yo yo yo. It’s Thursday and our show was today was bonkers.

It all started with a chat with Mr. Skin, who wrapped up his end of the year award-giving by talking about the ladies who made their nude debut this year. It was a good year for celebrity nudity, and it’ll be hard to top, but we all have high hopes for more famous racks in 2014.

After that, we checked in with another one of our Topless Movie Trailer reviews. Today’s flick was the Bill Murray vehicle “Scrooged,” which is probably older than both of our reviewers. They gave it four nips up, which means this trailer is right up there with “Madea’s Christmas.” Great.

Next, we welcomed in Brody Stevens, who is an old friend of the show. He now has his own show on Comedy Central called “Enjoy It!” which airs on Sundays at 12am/11c. Brody’s show is in its first season, and as such, is getting some critical attention both good and bad. We like to soften the blow here on the Morning Show, so the more “constructive” of the criticisms were read by increasingly naked-er ladies. A little boobies always makes things better.

brody nakedgirl

We took a quick break, and then welcomed in our special, super-secret Bad Santa… Mr. Ron Jeremy! Our models Nicole, Destiny, Chelsie, and Ali Rose all came in and sat on Santa’s Lap to tell him why they’ve been naughty or nice this year. Ron Claus is a very forgiving man, so most girls were excused for their indiscretions.

ronclaus0 ronclaus ronclaus2

As can happen whenever Ron is in a room, people just want to take their clothes off, including Andrea, the sexy models, and Brody. Now THAT’S some holiday spirit.

shirtlessbrody brodyron after

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