Monday 1/6/14

Hello all, and Happy New Year! The Playboy Morning Show is back and ready to kick this year off right, so let’s get to it.

Today began with the first of our couple months of our very own sexy calendar. We did the work, so all you have to do is take the pictures and make the calendar yourself. So maybe not all the work… Anyway, we ran through each month throughout the show so that you have something nice to look instead of just stupid numbers in boxes.

After that, Andrea ran us through an old favorite, the Filthy Forecast! Today’s lucky city is Boston, which looks to be pretty chilly, but Andrea kept it hot, hot, hot.

We also had our beautiful models Ali Rose, Halszka, Sarah, and Amber come in and get some of their Lez-olutions for the new year out of the way early. Who says nobody ever sticks to those?

We took a short break, and then we continued our super sexy calendar, and talked to Layla Martin from She teaches a six-week course on how to have amazing, more explosive orgasms, so if you forgot someone sexy on your Christmas list, this might make for a good make-up gift… Just sayin’.

Finally, in celebration of Kevin’s birthday on the first of this year, some naked girls brought him cake and danced around. But let’s be honest, it’s kinda like his birthday is every day.


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