Tuesday 1/7/14

Happy First Topless Tuesday of the new year, ladies and gentlemen!

We started things off today with the first of several “Thawing Off With Hotties” tips, where a sexy lady gives you the best ways to stay warm during this extremely cold winter. We checked in with more throughout the show and, who knows, they could even end up saving your life.

After that, we began our interactive #PlayboyPoll over Twitter and the phone lines, to see how men prefer their ladies: in lingerie, in costume, or in the buff. We’ll check back at the very end to see who emerges victorious.

Next, Andrea Titty-picked last night’s BCS championship game, in a Playboy Morning Show first-time post-game pick. Andrea was right, going with FSU, and passed this test of her mettle.

After the break, we talked on Skype with the super sexy cyber girls Kella Dawn and Stefanie Knight, who are currently in places where it is freezing cold (The Midwest and Canada, respectively). We talked to them about keeping warm and what it’s like to be such a hottie in the tundra. After that, we attempted to play “Last Nipple Standing,” where the girls stand outside for a minute each and we see whose nipples can stay erect the longest. Unfortunately, the weather froze up our connections to these beauties, and it seems like we lost them in a white-out. We may need to send out a search party. Or you could just search playboy.com if you want to see pics… Up to you.

Finally, after many ups and downs, fully nude came out on top in our Playboy Poll, followed by costumes and then lingerie. Can’t say we’re surprised.

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