Wednesday 1/8/14

It’s hump day, which means… it’s the middle of the week. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Today started with a tease from Lacey Wildd, who will be a guest later in the week, so that we can prepare some questions to ask her. This particular woman has had extensive plastic surgery (she’s knocking things off shelves and tables around her house), and wants to have triple Q breasts next. Yes, you read that right.

After that, we talked on the phone with Lisa Napoli, author of the book “Road to Shangri-La” about her trip to Bhutan where she discover that all of the buildings have dicks drawn all over them. And no, it’s not because they’re a country of teenage boys, it’s because they believe that they ward off demons. It seems like they’re working, right?

We continued on, welcoming in comedian Lil Duval from the MTV2 show “Ain’t That America,” where he and a panel of funny people look at clips from the internet and make fun of them some more. Lil Duval also talked about his favorite countries for hookers and about why doesn’t sleep with anyone under 23 anymore.

We kept Lil Duval in to help us Abuse the News. In this week’s story, an interracial couple found a valet had written “jungle fever” on their card, and they were upset about it. This story was ripe for pun and parody and Kevin, Andrea, and Lil did not disappoint.

After a quick breaky-break our sexy models, Chelsea, Emily Rose, Chloe Rayne, and Melissa all came in to play a special “Dick-tionary” round of Chick-tionary, in honor of the people of Bhutan’s beloved anti-demon dick drawing debauchery. As the wheel of body parts was spun, the ladies took up their brushes to do their best to recreate the type of dick on another girl’s body. Who knew there were so many types of dicks? Not us.


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