Thursday 1/9/14

Happy Thirsty Thursday, ya’ll. You’ve finally gotten over your New Year’s hangover, which means it’s time to start making a new one!

We started things off today by talking with Mr. Skin, who has all the deets on celebrity nudity. How we’ve missed his generous nature and punny ways. Check his site for what to expect in the coming year. See, we can make puns, too.

After that we welcomed in David Koechner, funny comedian and actor best known as Champ from “Anchorman.” David talked with us about his upcoming comedy tour and what it’s like being on set with Will Ferrell. Since Champ’s phrase “Whammy” has become so popular, we decided to try our own, “Panty!” to announce their own sports plays. Let’s just say, we’ll leave it to the pros.



Then, we welcomed in Miss September 2013, Bryiana Noelle, who is one of 12 possible contenders in this year’s Playmate of the Year! It’s a very exciting time for everyone here at Playboy, and to make sure everyone chooses wisely, we played “Who Knows the Playmate’s Breast?” where our Playmate, David, Kevin, and Andrea all get a close-up look a pair of boobs, and they have to guess which month’s issue they appeared in. We even tried to trick Bryiana by showing some very familiar breasts, but she looked down and recognized them pretty quickly.



After a short break, David had to peace out, but Bryiana stuck around to do a Speed Dream Date-off with Kevin and Andrea, where Andrea took her to the beach, and Kevin drove her to a drive-in movie. It really wasn’t much of a contest, and Bryiana liked Andrea’s the best, but you can’t fault Kevin for trying…


To close out the show, we had our sexy models Tawny, Paris, and Bobbi come in and ask questions of our Playmate, to see why she deserves to be this year’s PMOY. It’s gonna be a tight race, folks.


Also! Here’s a pic of all 12 months of our calendar featuring Ali Rose, Sarah, Amber, and Halszka for those of you who want to stay sexy all year long:


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