Friday 1/10/14

Hoo boy! We had a doozy of a show to close out the week, so let’s get r dun…

We started things off by checking in with both of our “Casting Cams,” as it is casting day here at Playboy HQ, which means that tons of ladies are piling into our backstage area. Throughout the show, we’re going to be checking back and possibly bringing in some of them so that the Morning Show can give them their opportunity on the Casting Couch…

Next, we talked with Kennedy Summers over Skype, who is our Miss December 2013, and yet another candidate for our Playmate of the Year search. She was sans attack dog today, and we gotta say, we kinda miss the little guy.

After that, it was time for the Friday Awards, where we looked at the Best Body Part of the Week, with the trophies going to Andrea’s boobs for her Filthy Forecast. Then we took a moment of silence for all the clothing that was cut down before its time this week. Rest in piles, clothes.


Following these shenanigans, we brought in Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show” on VH1Classic, to talk about their show and why they love metal almost as much as they love messing with telemarketers.

After a short break, we brought in Danielle, Ashley, Sasha, and Erika to play a quick round of “Truth or Bare,” where we hear a sexy story and our panel has to guess which girl belongs to the story. If they get picked out of the lineup, they have to lose clothing, and we get to enjoy it.

Finally, we brought in four brand-new, very talented flexible ladies from the casting call to show off their gymnastics skills on our shag carpeting. Well, now it’s shagged carpeting.

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