Monday 1/13/14

Hope you’re not coming down with a case of the Mondays, but if you are, we have just the thing: boobs!

We started the show today by checking out a video of an art exhibit that is known as the “Great Wall of Vagina.” The artist, Jamie McCartney, has spent 5 years plastering the undercarriages of 400 women and putting them on display. It’s an idea we wish we’d thought of first, so we talked to this Englishman about his inspiration and some of the more interesting specimens he’s seen. Later in the show, we’ll try our hand at decking out our wall.

After that, we checked in with the first of many Naked Transportation segments, in honor of No Pants Day on subways across America. Our girls Evee, Cody, and Christina are taking it one step further and foregoing underwear altogether. It’s the best way to jazz up your morning commute.

Next, we checked in with a story featuring a blurry photo of a man who seemed to be naked below the waist in his car. In order to give everyone a fair chance of figuring out what’s going on in the picture, we played a game called So Hot, So Cold, where our models came in and gave you clues as to whether a guess was warmer or colder. After only two guesses, someone on the phones came up  with the right answer, that the man was asking women to give him a handjob… with a block of swiss cheese. Because of course that’s what it was.

After a a short break, we came back and talked to Playmate Kristen Nicole, aka Miss May 2013, via Skype. She’s another potential Playmate of the Year, so we let her get anything she wanted to off her chest for 30 whole seconds. It could be the difference between getting that new car and having to settle with simply being one of the hottest women on the planet.

Lastly, our girls raced their last form of Naked Transportation (horses) into the studio and began to make the first breast strokes on our Playboy Morning Show Wall of Boobs. So far, they’re looking pretty abstract, but we’ll continue on throughout the week and see if they get more realistic, or more surrealistic.


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