Tuesday 1/14/13

It’s a Tuesday Titty Spectacular today on the Playboy Morning Show! Let’s roll ‘er out.

We began things this morning by chatting via Skype with model Lacey Wildd, a woman who has Triple L size breasts right now, and whose goal is to get to Triple Q! She’s one cup size of a gallon in each, and even if you use the metric system, you know those are some big breasts. Lacey has garnered fame from her quest to be one of the top five big-breasted models in the world, and is committed to changing her life to fit her changing body. And to that, we here at the Morning Show say: Godspeed, you giant titties. Godspeed.

After that, we read a few Fe-mails from viewers, like you! Carly came in to open our mailbox and check to see what you guys have written to us about, and to see if we could help you in any way. Some attempts were more successful than others.

After a quick break, we welcomed in Miss June 2013, Audrey Allen. She’s going up for Playmate of the Year, and this blonde beauty definitely has what it takes. To see how well she’s checked out the competition, we played “Who Knows The Playmate’s Breast,” where we show the boobs of one of our twelve 2013 Playmates, and we have to guess who they belong to. Audrey has clearly done her homework, and sometimes that’s enough to come out on top. We’ll have to wait and see.

In honor of having Audrey here with us in the studio, we decided to re-create a bit of her spread in last June’s issue by welcoming in Lindsey, Carly, and Sonia to decorate and then model various white tank tops. After their wifebeaters were all torn up and wet, even Audrey had a hard time deciding who should win, so we’ll just say that this one is a wash.

After the show, we continued our Wall of Breasts art exhibit, so be sure to tune in tomorrow to see how artistic these ladies can get…

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