Thursday 1/16/14

It’s Thursday folks, which means it’s time to get naked. Don’t question it, just follow our lead.

Today we started things by chatting with Mr. Skin about all things celeb nudity. The HBO series “Girls” is back, so whether you like it or not, there’ll definitely be some skin shown there. Be sure to check out his site for more!

Next, we welcomed in Syd Wilder, a famous Youtube star who also happens to be a super hot girl. She chatted with us about her latest Victoria’s Secret parody, and about any mishaps she’s had in the bedroom. We bring up sexy time injuries because we wanted to see if we could guess the real-life sexual pain that couples went through based simply on a picture of them. Hearing the things that these people went through almost makes you never want to have sex again. Almost.

As a surprise, we had on the show today a couple featured on “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” the show on TLC that all these horrifying, yet kind of funny, situations came from. Erik and Salina’s tale involved a bit of tree sex that ended in a bloody mess downstairs for Erik when he fell off a branch. Good luck getting that out of your head.


Since we had this lovely daredevil couple in the studio, we decided to reenact a crazy story told by one of our women right here in front of everyone! Ruby, Rebecca, Heather, and Miranda all came in and acted out Ruby’s story of a daring mid-flight cockpit encounter that ended in… job loss. Not every story has a happy ending, I guess.

Finally, our ladies got lathered up in paint and added four more sets to our Great Wall of Breasts. It’s really coming together, and it’s almost ready for its big opening, so tune in tomorrow to check the unveiling!

girls andkeveriksal kevandsyd

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