Friday 1/17/14

It’s Andrea’s Birthday! It’s Friday! Does it get any better? No. No, it does not.

We started things off with a bevvy of calls from awesome listeners and viewers who wanted to wish Andrea a Happy 29th (again) Birthday. And she only got asked to show her underwear once, so nice restraint there, guys.

Next, Kevin showed a video he made in honor of Andrea’s birthday that featured him searching for the perfect gift and stumbling upon a Playmate party at the Mansion. It wasn’t all for Kevin, though, as he got all 60 Playmates to wish Andrea a Happy Birthday, which was actually really cool. And Kevin cleans up pretty good, too. I mean, did you see that suit?

After that, we talked to the voice of Siri, voice actress Susan Bennett. She added her voice to Andrea’s Birthday well-wishes, and they even buried the hatchet about how much attention Siri steals from her husband. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Following that, we welcomed in Adria, Amberly, Lisa, and Raya to play “How Lowell Can You Go,” where they limbo-ed under a string of bra and panties toward Andrea on the couch. It’s Andrea’s favorite view of a woman and we can’t say that we blame her even a little bit.

We took a short break, and then we welcomed in Miss October 2013 Carly Lauren. She’s very confident in her chances at Playmate of the Year, even with all the smear campaigns the girls are running against each other. Oh wait, we made those. Our bad.

Carly helped Andrea judge her next little gift: Sushi-mis. We’ve made bikinis out of almost everything here on the Morning Show, but we’ve never done Andrea’s favorite food from the far east, so we had our girls lay down and cover themselves in sushi in various patterns to see who could make the best raw swimwear. Andrea and Carly agreed that it was Lisa, who also happened to get the most naked, who made the best Sushi-mi. But that’s probably just a coincidence.

Finally, as is tradition here in the Mini Mansion, we had Andrea crawl through the girls’ legs for a good old-fashioned Spanking Machine. We take our birthday spankings very seriously here, and want to one last time wish Andrea an awesome day and an even better year.

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