Monday 1/20/14

Another week, another set of Playboy Morning Shows. Let’s roll ’em out!

Today’s show started off with a tease for our Super-tacular Tailgate Special, which airs on Super Sunday February 2nd. This segment is called “Sextra Point,” and features some football terminology for you to brush up on so that you don’t look like a doofus while watching the game. So study up!

Next, we welcomed in Melissa Howe, of the Howe Twins, to talk about her new pictorial. She was going to come in with her sister, but she was “sick,” so we called Carla Howe up on the phone to see what was really up. Turns out it’s part sickness, part hangover, but that doesn’t change the fact that their pillow fight pictures are still super hot, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those.

We kept Melissa in for the first of many recurring “How-To with The Howe Twins” segments, where Melissa walks us through some simple tasks and teaches us how to do them. So much learning going on today.


Next, we welcomed in Sabina Kelley, star of the reality show “Best Ink,” which is a reality show that features would-be tattoo artists competing for a cash prize and story in Tattoo Magazine. She’s recently divorced and looking to have fun, so she’s right at home here in the Mini Mansion. If tattooed ladies are your thing, you couldn’t do much better than Sabrina, just ask her weird Spanish stalker. Actually, don’t do that.

After a short break, we finished off the show with a little MLK Day celebration: Black, White, or Both? This game features answers over our models’ breasts that are either (you guessed it) Black, White, or Both. It sounds simple, but you could’ve fooled us after seeing how it went down. Apparently we still have more to learn.


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