Tuesday 1/21/14

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll. We had a real barn burner today, which we don’t really understand, but somebody said was good so we’ll take it.

We began things by looking at another one of our fine Sextra Points, to help the less-football-conscious get to know some key terms before your inevitable Super Sunday party. Come for the guac, stay for the talk.

After that, we showed the first of many of our Just the Tip: Sick Sex segments, where we help you get over the cold and flue season the Playboy way: sweat it, ride it, and sex it out. Our lovely models Victoria, Kaysee, and Justina showed off their doctor skills and also some fine bedroom remedies for what ails you. We’ll take their treatment any day.


Following those helpful tidbits, we talked on the phone with Nicholas Sweeney, the director of the British documentary “Secrets of the Living Dolls,” which chronicles people who put on what they call a “second skin.” It’s super interesting behavior and Nicholas dove right in to what he discovered in this very secretive world. Don’t confuse this film with those Chucky movies they put out every Halloween.

We took a break and came back with some more Points and Tips to keep the information rolling, and then put on our lab coats and safety glasses for some Sex MythBusters! Today’s myth we tested was whether hot girls get hornier when their temperature goes up or when it goes down. First we cooled off our ladies and showed them things that make women get riled up, and then we had them huddle together for warmth to see if their opinions changed. We’re not sure if this follows the scientific method, but we don’t care, we had fun doing it; and that’s what science is all about.


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