Wednesday 1/22/14

Happy Middle of the Week! The time glass is officially half full. Or half empty, depending on your outlook.

We started the show off today by doing a Pubic Service Announcement. We feel it’s our duty to keep as many pubic regions safe as possible, so we let you know that pubic-grooming-related injuries are on the rise in all age brackets, so be careful, pay attention, and take your time. Don’t become a statistic.

Next, we continued our Sextra Points, making sure that you’re up-to-date on all the football terms and definitions so that you can look like a certified football guru at your Super Sunday party. Today’s words were “field goal” and “fumble.” You’re welcome.

After that, we Skype’d with Darla, who is a nudist who was recently evicted from her home in her colony when she voiced her concern at the nudists around her engaging in crazy sex acts all over the place. Usually, we’d say doing that stuff is perfectly fine, but in the nudist community, there’s a time and a place, even more than our boring clothes-on world, so we’re inclined to agree with her on this one.

Throughout the show today, we took a poll on which style of underwear men prefer to see on their ladies. The options were: bikini, thong, boy shorts, and commando. As could be expected, commando took the lead right out of the gate and held on for the entire show. Men are so predictable.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Bradley Lords, from the Showtime series “Gigolos.” Bradley is, in real life, a gigolo who goes on dates with women for money. Sounds like a job any man would envy, but it takes a certain breed of handsome gent to pull in the high-profile clientele Bradley and his company see. We talked to him about what it’s like going out in Vegas with different women every night, and why women pay for the boyfriend treatment.

Finally, we had our models Chelsea, Toryn, Hailee, and Chloe come in and play a game where they guessed how much it would cost them to spend certain amounts of time with Bradley. Based on his answers, it sounds like he’s doing pretty well for himself. Both financially and otherwise.

gigolo after

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