Monday 1/27/14

Mondays are as inevitable as death and taxes. Fortunately for you, that also means another great episode of the Playboy Morning show!

We started things off by checking out a new product on select shelves across the country: boob deodorant. It’s not just for grandmas anymore, and apparently it’s in high demand. Hey, sometimes you gotta get that underboob sweat under control.

Then we connected on Skype with Miss February 2013 Shawn Dillon, yet another Playmate who is campaigning to be the next Playmate of the Year. So many eligible ladies, how do you choose? We don’t envy the voters this time around, they’ve got their work cut out for them.

Next, it was time for some Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we take news stories of rude nudes and make them sexy. Today we saw stories that featured a man posting naked pictures of his ex at her place of work and a naked man gyrating next to his mailbox. Our girls Lisa, Paula, Mariela, and Sarah came in to do their best in sexy-ifying these worsts.



We took a short break, and then welcomed in Eugenia Kuzmenia, a super hot Siberian model who knows more than her fair share of catwalks and red carpets. Since she’s so learned in the ways of glamour and the mishaps that can happen when your thin dress decides to fall down, we debuted a few lesser-known slips that you probably won’t be seeing on any award show pre-show. At least, not any we’ve heard of…

eugenia after

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