Tuesday 1/28/14

It’s Tuesday, and every day brings us closer and closer to that beautiful summer weather. Unless you live here in Los Angeles… it’s 75 degrees here today. Don’t be jealous.

We started the show off today by checking in with the first of of our many “Guess That ‘Gasm” orgasm types. Apparently there is an orgasm for every season and every reason. We saw the likes of the “Faux-gasm,” the “Snore-gasm,” and the “Surprise-gasm.” Know your types, so you can tell the real deal from the fake shake.

Next, we checked out a Feastiality which featured the Monte Crisco burger. We’re going to let you work for your diabetes and look that monstrosity up for yourself. We can’t be an accessory to heart failure.

After that, we welcomed in Cody, Kourtnee, and Kaysee to talk about revenge sex. A new study says that about 25% of people do it, but OUR study showed that that number is much higher in hot chicks. It’s easier for them, so it’s not their fault.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Natalia Reagan, from “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty,” a TV show that is offering a huge cash prize to anyone who can come up with real, hard evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. So get those cameras ready, folks. It could be your meal ticket.

Since Natalia seems to be such an expert in monsters, we played “Who Would You Do?” This game features two very different types of mythical creatures and we debate on who we’d rather sleep with, weighing the pros and cons, of course. It’s not just for sleepovers anymore!

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