Wednesday 1/29/14

Hello everyone. There’s an old saying that goes: words are like sound inside of your brain, and reading about the Playboy Morning Show is almost as good as watching it.

We started today’s show by talking with Mr. Skin, who is going on vacation tomorrow, and we will miss him dearly. But! He promised us a Skin-geyser of celeb nudity when he comes back, and that almost makes it all worth it.

After that, we did a special live-action Sextra Point featuring referee Carly and challenger Ali Rose, who went through more football terms so you know everything you need to know before the big game on Sunday. Be sure to watch our pre-game great TAILgate beforehand, at 1pm Pacific Time, too. It’ll be the sexiest pre-game show on TV by far.


Next, we welcomed in Crista Flanagan, Eddie Ritchard, Desiree Hall, and Samantha Colburn from the new film “Best Night Ever,” which opens in theaters this Friday. The film features “found-footage” of these four ladies traipsing around Vegas and getting into all sorts of trouble, so be sure to check it out.


It’s rare that we have four beautiful guests on our couch at one time, and four beautiful models in the studio as well, so we decided to play some Playboy Feud: Best Night Ever vs. Breast Day Ever. In a close game, the actresses came out on top of the models, but not before the lead changed hands several times. A Mini Mansion divided cannot stand… so they made up and all was right again. Now we just have to find somewhere to bury the hatchet…

feud after

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