Thursday 1/30/14

It’s Thursday, and we had a great show lined up for you.

We began things by showing you who is going to be doing our Super Spectacular Tailgate Show before the big game… it’s R & B superstar Jason Derulo! He’ll be stopping by this Sunday, and we hope you will be too. It’s the only place to get tail before the football game, because they’re not gonna let you tailgate.

Next, we featured a story about women in South Korea who are making thousands of dollars a month simply by eating in front of their webcams. Seems like a sweet gig (depending on the food, I guess), and we gave you our American-ized versions throughout the show today. If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s eat.

After that we welcomed in TV personality and all-around product man Tony Little. Tony talked about the legion of products he’s endorsed over the years, including his new one: diet popcorn. He was even nice enough to give Gigi some workout tips. We can’t think of a better person to play Ass Scene vs. As Seen with, where we hear a title and guess whether it’s an infomercial product or porno movie. This is one of those games that gets harder the more you think about it, but Tony crushed it, proving he’s truly the king of As Seen on TV.

tony tonygigi tonysteprepeat

We took a quick break, and then came back to talk to Heidi van Horny, a 22-year-old pornstar who is looking forward to her 23rd birthday, and plans to spend it by sleeping with 23 different guys. Good thing she’s not any older, right?

Finally, we wrapped things up with a little debate between heads and tails. Even the coin flip isn’t safe from being bet on during Super Sunday, and we had our two beautiful ladies Paris and Chelsie come in to tell you why you should pick one or the other. You know, just in case you’re 50/50.


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