Friday 1/31/14

Happy Friday! It seemed like it’d never come,but here we are, at the end of another week. Talk about photo finish.

We started the shenanigans today by checking out one of our rejected Doritos commercials from last year’s Super Bowl to get us pumped for this year’s show on Sunday. Be sure to check it out right here on PlayboyTV at 1pm PT. It’ll be a hoot.

Next, we began a very important ceremony here in the Mini Mansion: The Pardon-ing of the Avocado. Andrea prodded, groped, and eventually picked one lucky avocado to be spared from being made into guacamole at one of the millions of Super Sunday parties this year. The others, unfortunately, were ceremoniously massacred by our girls and turned into the traditional green pulp we all enjoy so much.

After that, we welcomed in Scheana Marie and Ariana Madix from the Bravo show “Vanderpump Rules,” which has its season finale next Monday. These hot restaurant veterans were the perfect candidates to play “Name That Alleged Perv: Restaurant Edition,” and even handled a gametime rule-change as only experienced servers can. It comes with the territory.

girlscouch girlsstep

We took a short break and then we went on a pair of sexy Skype-enger hunts featuring girls representing both teams playing in the Big Dance this weekend. We don’t really even know who won this matchup, all we know is that they looked good doing it, and that’s really what webcams were made for.

Finally, we welcomed in our ladies who presented the guacamole for our party, and we held a moment of silence for all of the avocados who bravely sacrificed themselves so that we can eat their delicious insides. It wasn’t a long moment or anything, just a second, ’cause our mouths were full.


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