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Thursday 2/27/14

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It’s Thursday, and we had another great show all lubed up and ready to go.

We started off with a special extended edition of Mr. Skin today, due to his 15th Annual Anatomy Awards. He talked about all the best (and strangest) nudity from the past year, and it’s all on his homepage for free! So there’s never been a better time to check out all the famous bodies we’ve feasted our eyes upon, and maybe even pick up a Mr. Skin beach towel.

After that, we ran through a news story about an offensive Burger King receipt, and felt that it was time to Abuse the News. Kevin and Andrea got pun-tastic and went back and forth several times, thinking of more and more obscure fast food-related jokes. Local news outlets don’t wanna mess with the best.

Next, we looked at the Topless Trailer review for “12 Years a Slave,” which our critics found Brad Pitt-y enough to warrant four nips up. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Moving right along, we here in Southern California are experiencing a strange phenomenon: rain. To celebrate this rare occasion, Andrea gave us a Filthy Forecast that covered the whole area. It almost makes us wish it rained all the time. Almost.

We took a short break, and then welcomed in Geoff Stults, star of the new FOX show “Enlisted,” which airs on Fridays. Geoff offered to come back and help Andrea with the next Filthy Forecast, too, so maybe we’ll see him again in a different capacity. To finish up the show, we invited our sexy models in to play a round of the longest-running naked game show in the history of Earth, Know It or Show It! The categories ranged from books to movies to the military, and ended as every round must: in a naked circle of congratulatory embraces.

Wednesday 2/26/14

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It’s another hot ‘n steamy Morning Show to get you over the hump…

Things began here with a discussion about new research that ranks states in the order of longest average sexual encounter to shortest. New Mexico (surprisingly) has the longest sex on average, and Alaska has the shortest. We invited people to call in and assert whether they thought their state was robbed or if they were accurately measured… but most people just wanted to ask Andrea to show her underwear. We’re trying to do science here, people!

We moved on from there into an Upskirt Tutorial, which involved our super hot models coming in and demonstrating the rules and various ways to take a fabulous shot up your own (or your consenting friend’s) dress. We didn’t know there were so many factors involved in this “art,” but you really have to know your way around a camera phone (and flowing skirts).

Next, we watched two more Best Picture-nominated Topless Trailer Reviews (from women who haven’t seen the movie). Today we looked at “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and “Nebraska,” and let us tell you… these ladies were not impressed by these films trailers, giving these two movies some of the lowest scores yet. And who are you going to believe, a bunch of cinema “experts,” or a pair of topless ladies?

After a short break, we welcomed in Kim Airs, a sexual consultant and sex toy expert to talk about some of the ways she approaches teaching people about their own sexuality. It even involved a scary talking vagina puppet, so you know it’s gonna be good. While we had Kim in with us, we wanted to get her opinion on some food-related sex toys that can help the guy who burned himself while making love to a Domino’s Pizza. We brought out our Cock-cumber, Man-wich, Ham-cuffs, and Shish-ka-throb and asked Kim’s expert opinion. The shish-ka-throb was definitely her favorite, and we’re inclined to agree with her. She’s the one with the talking vagina pillow, after all.


Tuesday 2/25/14

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It’s just another Tuesday in paradise here at the Mini Mansion.

We started off the show today by giving you a Topless Ten list, this time around for the new Milk slogan. They’ve done away with the famous “Got Milk?” ads, and the time is ripe to give them our suggestions. All ten of our ideas are winners, so don’t be surprised if “Milk Me” or “It’s Liquid Cheese” is the next big slogan.

After that, we saw another one of our awesome Topless Movie Trailer Reviews, featuring hot models who haven’t seen the movie. Today we looked at “Philomena” and “Wolf of Wall Street,” in an effort to help the academy know which trailers convey the story best.

Next, we talked on the phone with Ravi of the “Mile Low Club” submarine excursion, where you can have a romantic getaway under the sea. If you’ve never had sex 20,000 leagues below, step up your game and get on the ship, mate.

In honor of getting it on beneath the waves, we had our lovely models Victoria, Kate, Toryn, and Destiny play a round of Truth or Bare: Transportation Edition! All the girls’ stories involved sex on some form of transport, and let’s just say that sometimes you don’t even need to stop to get it going. As the girls fooled Kevin and Andrea, they got to pick paints to use in the next segment…

After the break, we came back to Skype with Sally Golan, who hosts naked paint parties in New York, and is even beginning to tour it around North America. As we talked about these super sexy neon black light affairs, we watched our models paint each other with their paints they earned during Truth or Bare.

Once they were good and painted up, they ran over to our totally awesome rave-tastic black light room and showed off their new looks and their dance moves, too. It almost makes us wonder if we couldn’t do an entire show in black light… We think it could look pretty cool.

Monday 2/24/14

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Happy Monday, all! Let’s get to the show…

We started this week afresh, and in its honor we installed the first ever Playboy Morning Show Kiss Cam to shoot around our offices and force people to make out in front of a large crowd. Good thing most of the people who work here are hot chicks.

After that, it was time to bring out the craziest nude stories from around the world, and tell you if they are Good Naked or Bad Naked. As a rule, anytime you bring up the Penis Museum, you can tell it’s going to be good.

Next, we welcomed in comedian and author Geoff Keith to talk about his book “Guys Have No Game.” Geoff also happens to be on “Jerks with Cameras,” on MTV and before we welcomed in his two co-pranksters, we wanted to turn the tables on them. We let Geoff help us out, and let him in on the joke, which was that we were holding a sexy blind chick pageant.


After the break, we brought in Kara Ruiz and Grant Cotter, two of the pranksters on “Jerks With Cameras,” to join Geoff on the couch. We let them believe that they were going to be judging a Sexy Blind Chick pageant, with talent rounds and Q and A, before ultimately filling them in. They actually looked pretty surprised, so we’ll call this one a win.

couch jerks blind after

Thursday 2/20/14

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Welcome to another Thursday here in the Mini Mansion. We’re all ready to wrap up our Naked Winter Olympics, but not before the final showdown…

First things first: we needed to talk on the phone with Mr. Skin. We’d be remiss if we didn’t send you off every Thursday with a plethora of nude celebs to check out, either on TV, in film, on DVD, or (and we suggest you pick this one) just check out It sure beats switching out discs and finding each scene yourself.

Next, we talked about some zero-gravity photo shoot that the super sexy Kate Upton just did for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Not to be outdone, we had our models fly to a few locations without gravity AND do it topless. Your move, SI.

After that, we read through some of our Fe-mails from viewers just like you. Hopefully we could clear up any and all concerns and questions that you might have had, especially the one involving the different parts of the breast. If your questions could always call for a hot visual component, that’d be great.

We took a short break, and then it was time for the final two rounds of our Naked Winter Olympics. We had our winners from the past two weeks all come back on, ready to represent their countries and go for the gold. The first event was Speed Stripping, which involved a head-to-head match-up between two models who had to strip as fast as they could while also running around our studio track. If it makes you dizzy, it’s either watching them go in circles, or the blood rushing away from your head. Or both.

The three winners from Speed Stripping moved out into our hall to participate in the Ski-less Nude Ski Jump where we caught a snapshot of our three athletes mid-air as they posed. In the end, the USA brought home the gold of golds and accepted the award with grace and class. Then, unfortunately, it was time to do the Bra-Closing Ceremonies and extinguish the torch until the next Naked Olympiad. Until then, train on and maybe you can one day participate in these great traditional games.

girls speed couch olympic

Wednesday 2/19/14

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The week is half over, but it’s also half… full? Depends on your outlook.

Today, we began the show by looking at a new invention for the less experienced kissers of the world: pillows with mouths attached. That’s right, not just for serial killers anymore! Scare up any couch in your home with these disembodied mouth pillows. If anything, they make a nice conversation starter. With other people, not the pillows themselves.

Next, we ran through some Good Naked/Bad Naked stories from the wacky world of… the world. A big-eared man alleged pleasured himself in a mall parking lot and a concerned woman bought all the lewd t-shirts from a store this week, so we sex-ified those stories as best we could, using our hot models Cody, Jenna, Grace, and Carly.

After that, we welcomed Pascale Wellin into the studio; she’s the star of the Bravo reality series “100 Days of Summer,” which follows Chicagoans as they navigate their lives in the short, short summers of the Midwest. Not something we really have to deal with in LA, but apparently it gets really cold in other parts of the country. Or so we’ve heard.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Ty Dolla Sign, a famous rapper whose new album “Beach House” just came out. In honor of him coming on the show, we played a game called “What’s Your Sign?” where our models had to come in and see if they could name the signs we brought up on our TV’s. They did very well, and ended up tying in the end. ┬áBut the competition wasn’t over…

Finally, we had another one of our Naked Winter Olympic events: the Lubge. It’s a combination of Luge and lube, duh. We had our girls slide down the track and see how far they could glide. Once the lube had glistened each participant’s backside, the USA came out on top. Check out tomorrow’s show to see all of our gold medalists come back for one final event and the bra closing ceremonies.


Tuesday 2/18/14

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It’s Tuesday, you know what that means… it’s time to get topless.

We started things off today by beating Lady Gaga to the punch and doing some California Drought PSA’s of our own. If you want to learn how to conserve water the sexy way, look no further. Just remember to share showers, don’t wear clothes, and wring out your extra moisture whenever you can.

After that, we talked via Skype with former wrestler and even more recently former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. Jesse is big in the conspiracy game these days, and we decided to give him a little soapbox as long as our hot girls also got to do the same. So, “The Body” got his turn, and then the hotties got theirs, and we all got a little bit more skeptical.

We took a quick break, and then it was time to continue our glorious Naked Winter Olympics with a Bi-curious-athalon! Our lovely models Chelsie, Kat, Erika, and Amber each took turns going through the course, from stripping the other models, to spraying them with a water gun, before finally coming into the studio and tossing their panties into our target. Whoo. I’m getting winded just writing about it. In the end, Erika of Germany bested the competition and will continue on in our finals, coming up later this week.


Thursday 2/13/14

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Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everybody! Grab a bottle of wine and sit down for your hot date with the Playboy Morning Show.

Throughout the show today, we looked at a few interactive Valentine’s Day cards from our lovely models, to you. Feel free to give them to someone you love, or keep them for yourself. Because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

After that, we talked to our ol’ buddy Mr. Skin on the phone, who is back from vacation and better than ever! He brought us up to speed about all the celeb nudity from around TV and movies in things like “Banshee” and the new “Robocop” flick. Check out his site for more naked and famous people than you could possibly know what to do with.

Next, we continued on with our Naked Winter Olympics with Hockey, an old favorite if you’re Canadian. Our version of hockey featured Ali Rose, Miranda, Drew, Ruby, and Danielle trying their best to shoot their panties into the net. None of them really got all that close, but it was still a treat watching them bend over.

girls olympic

We took a short break and then welcomed in Sky Blu, one half of the wildly popular group LMFAO. Sky is working on his solo stuff right now, and also chopped off all his hair! Scandalous. We had a little treat for Sky to thank him for coming on our show: a parade of gorgeous women in Valentine’s Day lingerie led by our celebrity cupid Ron Jeremy! Sky and Ron actually know each other from the time Ron was in an LMFAO music video. Small world.

couch skyblu

To close out the show, Sky was awesome enough to perform his newest track right here in the studio! And all we had to do was provide some sexy back-up dancers. We happened to have a few gorgeous models who fit the bill perfectly, and shot an impromptu video right here in the Mini Mansion.

musicvid after afterall

Happy Valentine’s Day, again. Go out and get busy.

Wednesday 2/12/14

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It’s the only place where you can see girls as naked as the first Olympians: The Playboy Morning Show!

We started things off today by announcing our new phone number! It even actually spells something. It’s 8-555-PLAYBOY, and we had our operators standing by all day today to field calls and also to pitch the number to each of the time zones. From sea to shining sea, our number stands in… numerology.

After that, we read through our e-mails and Twitter feed to get some Constructive Criticism from some of our more vocal viewers. Our models Gigi, Peru, Lisa, and Sandra came into the studio in increasing levels of nakedness to soften the blow from some of the meaner “suggestions.” Hopefully we were able to clear some things up for you!

Next, we welcomed in Rocky Santiago from “Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle,” which is in its second season on Oxygen right now. You should definitely check it out if you like girls behaving badly (and who doesn’t enjoy that?), and if the twerking contest they held is any indication, the shenanigans have already begun.


We took a short break, and then came back to look at another one of our Valentine’s Day lingerie sets. It seems that anything red or pink is fair game, so get out there and put some on! And then take it off.

Finally, we got around to another one of our Naked Winter Olympic Events, which today featured the ever-popular Boob-sled. Now you don’t have to be Jamaican to understand where this is going. Each one of our representatives from Spain, Australia, and Germany took to the course and (with some help from the other competitors) breezed down our very small track. In the end, Australia went further than anyone else, and took the gold down under.


Tuesday 2/11/14

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It’s another Topless Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, and we’ve got the boobs to prove it.

Our show began today by celebrating Michael Sam, a prospective NFL player who came out as gay recently, in the only way we know how… by playing our favorite game: Lesbian Chicken! This football edition of the greatest Morning Show game featured two combatants on the gridiron and a referee calling the action. After a back and forth effort, Rachel was victorious over Kaysee (literally over), but, as usual, the real winners are you, the viewers.

After that, we ran through a couple Good Naked/Bad Naked stories that featured a woman breastfeeding her dog, and a naked church service. By now, you’d think we’d heard it all, but time and time again we’re proven wrong. We recreated the breastfeeding story, with a twist: we did it doggy style.


Next, we talked on the phone with Gabe Whaley, the 24-year-old creator of “Wingman,” an app that hooks you up with people on your flight. We salute Gabe and his attempt to make joining the mile high club easier and welcome it into the 21st century.

We took a short break and then came back with another installment of our Valentine’s Day lingerie, featuring the lovely Kourtnee. Don’t forget: the most important part of deciding which lingerie set to wear is which one can be ripped off the most passionately.

Then we welcomed in Adam Bobrow, a professional ping pong player and comedian. Adam travels around the world (mostly Asia, let’s be honest) showing off his particular brand of table tennis humor and genuine talent.

adam adam2

Since he is an athlete, we welcomed his color commentary for our next Naked Winter Olympic Event: Strip Skating! Our models Samantha, London, and Rachel represented Germany, Egypt, and the Philippines while our ring-side correspondent Kaysee welcomed them in. Adam is quite adept at calling sporting events, so if the ping pong thing doesn’t work out, at least he’s got that to fall back on. In the end, Rachel, who also won Lesbian Chicken earlier, took home the fake gold medal for the Philippines. She’s like the Bo Jackson of our show.

stripskate stripskate2


after girls