Tuesday 2/4/14

Howdy folks! The Morning Show is back and morning-er than ever. Whatever that means.

Today began with a recap of our Super Tailgate Spectacular, in case you missed it before the big game on Sunday. It was an awesome time, and almost makes us wish we could tailgate every weekend.

After that, we debuted the first of our rejected Winter Olympic sports: The Three-Woman Boob-sled race. We’re pretty sure, besides being highly dangerous, it’s not really much of a sport, but it sure looked good. They didn’t even seem that cold.

Next, we took a look at a Mormon anti-masturbation PSA that’s been getting some buzz lately, and we thought we’d offer the opposition a voice by going through some PRO-masturbation PSA’s. We’re all about fair discourse here.

Following that, we played a round of Guess the Mystery Playmate with CJ Sparxx, who is the current Miss February down in Mexico. Kevin and Andrea put on blindfolds and tried to guess where she called home, and they were both way off. But they did get an excuse to feel some Playmate booty so, they probably don’t mind.


We took a short break and then talked via Skype with Ranae Crabtree, who wants to change her legal first name to “Sexy.” We talked to her about why she wants to make the change, and then welcomed in our models Courtney, CJ, Cody, and Rebecca to talk about why they’re sexy, and if Ranae can truly do justice to her new name.

Finally, we looked at the first of what will be many Sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie as we count down to every man’s favorite holiday. No, wait, that already happened on Sunday. Our mistake.

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