Thursday 2/6/14

Time for another Playboy Morning Show blog re-cap. Now with 30% less puns. Maybe. We’ll see.

We started the show off today by learning the first of many sexy Russian words in preparation for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. If you find yourself in the middle of Siberia naked, cold, and in need of sex, now you know how to ask for help.

After that, Andrea brought us a Filthy Forecast for the East Coast, which is about to get slammed hard and fast with a gigantic snowstorm. If you haven’t heard the weather being sexed up, you’re missing out. And you don’t even have to go outside.

Next, we looked at some more Valentine’s Day lingerie that you can wear for man after he gets you flowers or chocolates or those little candy heart things. But be sure to make sure you can yank it off quickly, because those things are expensive and you don’t want a rip in your new bra and panty set.


Then, we welcomed in Brody Stevens, who is a good friend of the show and loves to hang out and provide his inimitable brand of observations to our sexy shenanigans. And his new med combination is really working out, so that’s cool too.


After the break our models Lisa, Amber, Lexi, and Victoria paraded in with the Olympic torch and the flags of the world to kick off our Bra-Opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics. We lit the digital cauldron and next week the games can officially begin! May the best girl win.

flags after

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