Monday 2/10/14

Welcome, one and all, to another fantastic episode of the Playboy Morning Show. No cover, but there is a two drink minimum.

We started things off today by giving you another chance to make your voice heard with our #PlayboyPoll. Today’s question was “What do you notice first about a woman’s body?” The options are of course: Face, Boobs, or Butt, and we tallied your votes throughout the show to see which part first captures the male eye.


Next, we looked at a video of what a kiss looks like… from inside the mouth. Whether it’s your thing or not, now you can say you’ve seen it and cross that off your list. Everybody has a list like that, right?

After that, it was time for Makin’ Bacon, where Andrea presents a sex invention, and Kevin brings us a bacon innovation. Andrea’s consisted of a sex toy vending machine, and Kevin talked to a couple on the phone who were married at BaconFest. It’s tough to decide which one is a more important step forward for mankind.

Following the Bacon-cation, we invited Paris in to model some more Valentine’s Day lingerie that you can add to your wishlist. Whether it’s for you to wear or for your significant other, it’ll still be on YOUR wishlist.

We took a short break and then it was time to have the first event in our Naked Winter Olympic Sports. Today, we saw a round of “Short and Curling,” which is a twist on the boring sport of curling that swaps out a greased rock for a pair of panties. Ashley, Lauryn, and Paris represented Ireland, Spain, and France respectively and dropped their panties for a shot at national pride. In the end, France came out victorious and took home the gold. Keep watching for more Naked Olympic Games throughout the week!

opening curling

Finally, the #Playboy Poll results are in: ass took the rear with 22%, boobs were in the middle with 28%, and face is on top with 50%. That’s actually a pretty good road map of the female form. How about that.

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