Tuesday 2/11/14

It’s another Topless Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, and we’ve got the boobs to prove it.

Our show began today by celebrating Michael Sam, a prospective NFL player who came out as gay recently, in the only way we know how… by playing our favorite game: Lesbian Chicken! This football edition of the greatest Morning Show game featured two combatants on the gridiron and a referee calling the action. After a back and forth effort, Rachel was victorious over Kaysee (literally over), but, as usual, the real winners are you, the viewers.

After that, we ran through a couple Good Naked/Bad Naked stories that featured a woman breastfeeding her dog, and a naked church service. By now, you’d think we’d heard it all, but time and time again we’re proven wrong. We recreated the breastfeeding story, with a twist: we did it doggy style.


Next, we talked on the phone with Gabe Whaley, the 24-year-old creator of “Wingman,” an app that hooks you up with people on your flight. We salute Gabe and his attempt to make joining the mile high club easier and welcome it into the 21st century.

We took a short break and then came back with another installment of our Valentine’s Day lingerie, featuring the lovely Kourtnee. Don’t forget: the most important part of deciding which lingerie set to wear is which one can be ripped off the most passionately.

Then we welcomed in Adam Bobrow, a professional ping pong player and comedian. Adam travels around the world (mostly Asia, let’s be honest) showing off his particular brand of table tennis humor and genuine talent.

adam adam2

Since he is an athlete, we welcomed his color commentary for our next Naked Winter Olympic Event: Strip Skating! Our models Samantha, London, and Rachel represented Germany, Egypt, and the Philippines while our ring-side correspondent Kaysee welcomed them in. Adam is quite adept at calling sporting events, so if the ping pong thing doesn’t work out, at least he’s got that to fall back on. In the end, Rachel, who also won Lesbian Chicken earlier, took home the fake gold medal for the Philippines. She’s like the Bo Jackson of our show.

stripskate stripskate2


after girls

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