Thursday 2/13/14

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everybody! Grab a bottle of wine and sit down for your hot date with the Playboy Morning Show.

Throughout the show today, we looked at a few interactive Valentine’s Day cards from our lovely models, to you. Feel free to give them to someone you love, or keep them for yourself. Because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

After that, we talked to our ol’ buddy Mr. Skin on the phone, who is back from vacation and better than ever! He brought us up to speed about all the celeb nudity from around TV and movies in things like “Banshee” and the new “Robocop” flick. Check out his site for more naked and famous people than you could possibly know what to do with.

Next, we continued on with our Naked Winter Olympics with Hockey, an old favorite if you’re Canadian. Our version of hockey featured Ali Rose, Miranda, Drew, Ruby, and Danielle trying their best to shoot their panties into the net. None of them really got all that close, but it was still a treat watching them bend over.

girls olympic

We took a short break and then welcomed in Sky Blu, one half of the wildly popular group LMFAO. Sky is working on his solo stuff right now, and also chopped off all his hair! Scandalous. We had a little treat for Sky to thank him for coming on our show: a parade of gorgeous women in Valentine’s Day lingerie led by our celebrity cupid Ron Jeremy! Sky and Ron actually know each other from the time Ron was in an LMFAO music video. Small world.

couch skyblu

To close out the show, Sky was awesome enough to perform his newest track right here in the studio! And all we had to do was provide some sexy back-up dancers. We happened to have a few gorgeous models who fit the bill perfectly, and shot an impromptu video right here in the Mini Mansion.

musicvid after afterall

Happy Valentine’s Day, again. Go out and get busy.

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