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Wednesday 2/19/14

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The week is half over, but it’s also half… full? Depends on your outlook.

Today, we began the show by looking at a new invention for the less experienced kissers of the world: pillows with mouths attached. That’s right, not just for serial killers anymore! Scare up any couch in your home with these disembodied mouth pillows. If anything, they make a nice conversation starter. With other people, not the pillows themselves.

Next, we ran through some Good Naked/Bad Naked stories from the wacky world of… the world. A big-eared man alleged pleasured himself in a mall parking lot and a concerned woman bought all the lewd t-shirts from a store this week, so we sex-ified those stories as best we could, using our hot models Cody, Jenna, Grace, and Carly.

After that, we welcomed Pascale Wellin into the studio; she’s the star of the Bravo reality series “100 Days of Summer,” which follows Chicagoans as they navigate their lives in the short, short summers of the Midwest. Not something we really have to deal with in LA, but apparently it gets really cold in other parts of the country. Or so we’ve heard.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Ty Dolla Sign, a famous rapper whose new album “Beach House” just came out. In honor of him coming on the show, we played a game called “What’s Your Sign?” where our models had to come in and see if they could name the signs we brought up on our TV’s. They did very well, and ended up tying in the end. ┬áBut the competition wasn’t over…

Finally, we had another one of our Naked Winter Olympic events: the Lubge. It’s a combination of Luge and lube, duh. We had our girls slide down the track and see how far they could glide. Once the lube had glistened each participant’s backside, the USA came out on top. Check out tomorrow’s show to see all of our gold medalists come back for one final event and the bra closing ceremonies.