Thursday 2/20/14

Welcome to another Thursday here in the Mini Mansion. We’re all ready to wrap up our Naked Winter Olympics, but not before the final showdown…

First things first: we needed to talk on the phone with Mr. Skin. We’d be remiss if we didn’t send you off every Thursday with a plethora of nude celebs to check out, either on TV, in film, on DVD, or (and we suggest you pick this one) just check out It sure beats switching out discs and finding each scene yourself.

Next, we talked about some zero-gravity photo shoot that the super sexy Kate Upton just did for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Not to be outdone, we had our models fly to a few locations without gravity AND do it topless. Your move, SI.

After that, we read through some of our Fe-mails from viewers just like you. Hopefully we could clear up any and all concerns and questions that you might have had, especially the one involving the different parts of the breast. If your questions could always call for a hot visual component, that’d be great.

We took a short break, and then it was time for the final two rounds of our Naked Winter Olympics. We had our winners from the past two weeks all come back on, ready to represent their countries and go for the gold. The first event was Speed Stripping, which involved a head-to-head match-up between two models who had to strip as fast as they could while also running around our studio track. If it makes you dizzy, it’s either watching them go in circles, or the blood rushing away from your head. Or both.

The three winners from Speed Stripping moved out into our hall to participate in the Ski-less Nude Ski Jump where we caught a snapshot of our three athletes mid-air as they posed. In the end, the USA brought home the gold of golds and accepted the award with grace and class. Then, unfortunately, it was time to do the Bra-Closing Ceremonies and extinguish the torch until the next Naked Olympiad. Until then, train on and maybe you can one day participate in these great traditional games.

girls speed couch olympic

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