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Tuesday 2/25/14

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It’s just another Tuesday in paradise here at the Mini Mansion.

We started off the show today by giving you a Topless Ten list, this time around for the new Milk slogan. They’ve done away with the famous “Got Milk?” ads, and the time is ripe to give them our suggestions. All ten of our ideas are winners, so don’t be surprised if “Milk Me” or “It’s Liquid Cheese” is the next big slogan.

After that, we saw another one of our awesome Topless Movie Trailer Reviews, featuring hot models who haven’t seen the movie. Today we looked at “Philomena” and “Wolf of Wall Street,” in an effort to help the academy know which trailers convey the story best.

Next, we talked on the phone with Ravi of the “Mile Low Club” submarine excursion, where you can have a romantic getaway under the sea. If you’ve never had sex 20,000 leagues below, step up your game and get on the ship, mate.

In honor of getting it on beneath the waves, we had our lovely models Victoria, Kate, Toryn, and Destiny play a round of Truth or Bare: Transportation Edition! All the girls’ stories involved sex on some form of transport, and let’s just say that sometimes you don’t even need to stop to get it going. As the girls fooled Kevin and Andrea, they got to pick paints to use in the next segment…

After the break, we came back to Skype with Sally Golan, who hosts naked paint parties in New York, and is even beginning to tour it around North America. As we talked about these super sexy neon black light affairs, we watched our models paint each other with their paints they earned during Truth or Bare.

Once they were good and painted up, they ran over to our totally awesome rave-tastic black light room and showed off their new looks and their dance moves, too. It almost makes us wonder if we couldn’t do an entire show in black light… We think it could look pretty cool.