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Monday 3/31/14

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Howdy, ya’ll. It’s a brand new week, and we had a delicious, nutritious show for you. It’s all part of your unbalanced breakfast.

We began the show today by running through our earthquake preparedness. There was another quake here over the weekend, and apparently some sticklers thought our earthquake drill wasn’t exactly “safe” or “accurate” or “smart” enough for them. So, to make amends, we ran another drill, which was pretty much exactly the same, but this one included life-saving pillows for our girls to hide under. Or fight each other with. Either way.

Next, we announced our Food Porn contest, which is a super-cool competition that YOU can participate in. We need you to shoot videos where food is getting it on, and we might even show it on the Morning Show. But that’s not all: the winner of the contest will get tickets to fly out and be on the Morning Show! Watch our video here for full instructions, and get creative!

After that, we talked on the phone with Spy Emerson, the owner and operator of the Hook-Up Truck, a truck that drives around that you can bang on. Sounds like an awesome idea, and we support it wholeheartedly. So if you see a nondescript truck driving around offering you a good time, go for it!

We took a short break and then came back to run through some Good Naked/Bad Naked, which we haven’t done for a few weeks, and had some good stories backlogged. We heard about a girl who got drunk and flashed down at people through a glass ceiling, and a man who masturbates on his lawn whenever a girl walks by. Pretty standard stuff here in Good Naked/Bad Naked. If people keep doing it, then we’ll keep showing it.

Finally, we had the first matchup in our second round of March Badness, featuring Kaysee versus Danielle. It’s starting to get real up in here, and the ladies definitely upped their game. Keep voting on who you think should make it further. The Final Fore-play is only a few short games away…


Thursday 3/27/14

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Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks! Our show today was a tall drink of water, so let’s get to it…

We started things off by welcoming in our models Jenna, Victoria, and Lisa to peruse our table full of props to make “Anything-but-kinis” out of any random things they could stitch together, to finish off our week of Spring Break activities. We’ll check back in with them right after…

Mr. Skin! Skin had some super raunchy pics for us today, so much so that Andrea couldn’t contain herself. And Kevin really couldn’t either… Be sure to check out Mr. Skin’s site for more info and even more pictures.

As Skin was giving us the low-down on celebrity’s low-down, our girls were getting their craft on. They debuted their make-shift Not-kinis, which actually turned out pretty well. So good going, ladies. Way to make something out of other something.

After that, we welcomed in our smokin’-hot Miss March, short-haired Britt Linn. Britt is a 23-year-old New Jersey native who’s HELD A BEATING HUMAN HEART IN HER HANDS. No, really, she has. That’s (probably) a Playmate first. We played a round of “Who Knows Her Body Best,” and “Playmate Pick Six,” both of which she handled with grace and totally knocked out of the park.


Finally, Jenna and Victoria battled it out in the final battle in the first round of our March Badness. Hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #marchbadness to tell us whether you’d rather see Victoria (left a guy at a party to have a three-some with another couple), or Jenna (had an orgy with a bunch of female strippers) move on to the next round.

badnessafter after2

Wednesday 3/26/14

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Welcome to another Wet ‘n Wild Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion!

We began things today by talking about a new study published that says women are more likely to achieve orgasm the deeper into a relationship they are. To test this theory, we heard from Emily Rose, Mariah, and Ali Rose, who argued for one-night stands, friends with benefits, and long-term relationships, respectively. They all brought up good points, so it seems as though it varies from person to person. Unless you’re a guy. Then it’s all pretty much the same.


After that, we welcomed in Gavin McInnes, star of the new film “How to be a Man,” available on Netflix. The film follows Gavin’s character trying to film (sometimes crude and odd) advice for his unborn son when he realizes that he’s dying. It looks like a super hilarious and even more informative movie, so be sure to check it out.

gavin gavincouch

We kept Gavin in after our break to help us judge our next March Madness battle between Mariah and last year’s champ, Ali Rose. Ali told us about the time she gave her boyfriend a blowjob on the 405 in heavy traffic, and Mariah told us she had sex with a photographer in a haunted, abandoned mental institution. Two very different stories, both equally bad. It’ll be a hard choice for you, but we know you’re up to the task. Hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #marchbadness to help tip the scales.


Finally, we continued on our Playboy Morning Show Spring Break-tacular by having an old standard game with a new spin: the Wheel of Wet! Our models came into the studio with white shirts (actually, more like half shirts) and spun the wheel to determine what kind of water they would get to try to make their shirts transparent. It’s less of a Wet T-shirt Contest and more of an all-out frenzy.

Tuesday 3/25/14

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It’s Topless Tuesday at the Mini Mansion, and when you mix that in with a little Spring Break, you know it’s gonna get crazy.

We began the festivities by trying to settle the age-old question of length versus girth, not with our heads… but with our gut. That’s right, it’s a head-to-head Feastiality, featuring two stories of hot dogs of epic portions. One weighed in at 125 lbs, and another stretched the tape at 20 ft. These wieners are making us hungry. Wait…

Next, we welcomed in Pablo Francisco, friend of the show and funny comedian and voice over extraordinaire. We always love having Pablo in because we feel like we get way more bang for our buck, with all the crazy characters we witness. Pablo’s gonna be all over the place doing stand-up, so keep your ear to the ground and be sure to check him out.

Pablo helped us judge our next round of March Badness, today pitting Kaysee against Sonia in a battle of switching partners throughout the day and watching your boyfriend make out with another dude during an orgy. What do you think should make the cut? Let us know at our Twitter and use the hashtag #marchbadness.


We took a short break and then welcomed in James “Murr” Murray and Joe Gatto from the super hilarious TruTV show “Impractical Jokers.” These life-long friends know how to push each others’ buttons and we get to watch them make fools of each other in public. It’s great. To celebrate Spring Break, we played a round of “No Strings Attached,” where our bikini-clad ladies came in all tied together and moved further apart whenever they answered a question wrong. The clothing didn’t stay on long, and team Murr finished very quickly. But we’re sure that never happened before…


Monday 3/24/14

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Welcome back to work-week reality. It’s Monday, but it doesn’t have to be manic.

We started the show off today by checking out a story about a woman who was kicked out of her gym for dressing in too little clothing. Now, we’re no experts here, but going through the gym photos on Andrea’s phone and comparing Andrea’s outfits to the woman in the story, well… they make that woman look Amish. But, it raises a good point: what can women get away with wearing to the gym? We looked at some styles like spandex jumpsuits, tiny booty shorts, and the infamous yoga pant. They’ll definitely get your blood pumping.


After that, we talked on the phone with Bertrand Dore, the owner of UNDZ, an underwear company that also takes out insurance policies for your dick. Their brutal ad is def NSFW, and maybe even a little Not Safe For Life, but go ahead and check it out for yourself if you dare…here.

Next, we kicked off our Spring Break Week celebration today with our first activity, Rear Pong! It’s like beer pong, but with less macho frat bros and more sexy sorority chicks, so definitely an upgrade. Someone shoots a ball with a verb on it into a cup with a body part and, well, you do the math.


We took a short break, and then came back to welcome in Jim Jefferies and Dan Bakkedahl from the FXX show “Legit.” The guys talked about pushing the envelope even further on the second season of their show, and about what it’s like to take Cliff from “Cheers” to a bar. The guys stuck around to be our celebrity judges as we continued in our March Badness bracket, today pitting Destiny against Rayshell. Be sure to cast your vote on our Twitter with the hashtag #marchbadness to help one of these ladies move forward. It’s always nice to reward bad behavior.


Thursday 3/20/14

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Howdy, folks! It’s Thirsty Thursday, and the weekend’s almost in sight.

We started the show off today with some helpful demonstrations about Spring Cleaning! The first day of Spring is today, and that means it’s time to shake the dust from your rugs, and get ready for warmer weather ahead. The best way to do that is to take your clothes off, obviously.

After that, we welcomed in Eileen Schoals and Leigh Ann, from the Pole World News Awards aka the Pole-Dancing Awards! Eileen founded the company Pole World News, and Leigh Ann owns one of the most successful pole schools in the country, BeSpun. They talked to us all about the art of pole dancing and the camaraderie that they build through it… but more importantly, Leigh Ann gave us a demonstration, and let us say… she blew us away.

pole pole1 pole2 poleladies


We took a short break, and then we brought in Pat Healy and Ethan Embry, from the new film “Cheap Thrills,” which opens in select theaters tomorrow! They talked about their movie full of crazier and crazier dares and also stuck around to help us judge the next round of our March Badness! Today pitted Rachel against Jacqueline, underground sex party three-way against porn star three-way. It’s again up to you to pick who you want to see move forward, so hit us up on Twitter @PBMorningShow with the hashtag #marchbadness to cast your vote!

guys badness afterall

Wednesday 3/19/14

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It’s Hump Day, and we really packed it in. So let’s get to it!

We started the shenanigans off today by taking on the phone with Mr. Skin, who brought us his weekly dose of celebrity nudity a day early. We can’t complain. Check out his site for more!

After that, we welcomed in Bryan Callen, comedian and friend of the show who we haven’t seen in quite some time. Bryan’s got a podcast you should definitely check out, and he does stand-up all over the place, too so maybe he’ll check you out one of these days.

Next, we welcomed in Talia Frankel, the founder of L Condoms, a company that gives a condom away to someone in a third world country for every one that you buy here. That’s way better than shoes! Not only that, they also feature a service that delivers condoms straight to your door by bike in an hour or less. So you don’t even have to leave your house (or bed) to get some great protection. Now that’s service.

We took a short break and then we ran through our condom delivery obstacle course, navigating through the whiskey dick, time of the month, and cock block obstacles to get condoms to Bryan on the couch. And to announce the festivities, our other good friend comediean¬†Brad Williams all decked out in his referee garb. These ladies really made that tricycle move, and I think the only real winner was Bryan, who got a couple handfuls of hot ‘n fresh condoms in his pockets.

Finally, we continue on with March Badness, today pitting Danielle against Drew. After Brad gave them the jump ball, Drew told us her story of a mile-high three-way on her boyfriend’s dad’s private plane. Whoa. Danielle countered with a tale of breaking and entering shower sex while her family was in the house. Also whoa. Who should move on? It’s gonna be close, but it’s up to you! Hit us up @PBMorningShow with the hashtag #marchbadness to cast your vote.

Tuesday 3/18/14

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Happy Tuesday everybody! It’s National Hangover Day, so we’ll do our best to keep it down.

We started things off today by checking in with one of several “Eatiquette” Tips, to help you out if you ever find yourself at a Nudist diner or restaurant. The rules for everything change when you lose your clothes, and eating is no exception. Just because you’re naked, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still use a napkin.

Next, we looked at some of our Constructive Criticism from our mock “First Kiss” video that’s really taken off online. As with anything that’s popular on the internet, it’s got people talking, and we brought some of their best comments forward, with our models getting more and more naked the meaner the comments got. We’ve got fragile egos, but it really softens the blow to hear it from a hot nude chick.

After that, we welcomed in comedian Justin Harrison, who, aside from being a funny stand-up, also published a book called “Confessions of a Fat Player.” In it, he goes through everything from how to dress, to how to get sexy when the time finally comes. No pun intended.


We played one of our favorite games with Justin, a couples edition of “Name That Alleged Perv,” which featured pairs of alleged criminals’ mugshots that we had to peg the crime to. After all this time, it never gets easier.

Finally, we continued our storied tradition in its historic third year: March Badness! Today’s competitors were Amber and Kourtnee, and the special guest judge was last year’s champ, Ali Rose. We heard Amber’s story of televised lesbianism and Kourtnee’s tale of Steak and Blowjob celebration, but it’s up to you to decide who moves on! Hit us up on Twitter, with the hashtag #marchbadness to make your voice heard. Because our Sixteen is Sweeter.


Monday 3/17/14

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The Playboy Morning Show is back in action! It’s also St. Patty’s Day, so you have an excuse to drink while you watch! Not that you really need one, necessarily.

We began the show today by taking a look at some local news coverage during the earthquake we had this morning. We thought it best to be better prepared than some other LA affiliates, so we ran through our Playboy earthquake drill. Don’t forget to duck and cover, unless you want to run around naked screaming “EARTHQUAKE.” Then, do that.


After that, we checked out Playboy’s own “First Kiss” parody. For those of you unfamiliar with the video, it features strangers meeting for the first time and kissing. In true Morning Show style, we decided to keep the premise, but bump ¬†up the sexy, adding Playboy Models who took their making out all over the building. Our version was a world exclusive, uncensored version, but to see the SFW video, check Youtube.

Next, we gave the first of our “Get Lucky” Just the Tips, which featured our models giving some advice to aspiring guys in bars this St. Patrick’s Day, on what it really takes to take them home. Very enlightening indeed.

Following the tip, came our Topless 10: Slogans for Steak and Blowjob Day. We’re not one to celebrate one holiday and shun another, so we gave some belated advertising campaigns direct from our sexy models, Paris, Carolyn, Kat, and Lindsey.


We took a short break, and then came back to kick off our March Badness 2014! Now in its third prestigious year, our girls go head-to-head in a battle of the badness. Today it was Paris vs. Caroyln, and to decide who starts, this year we instituted the jump-bra, where it’s a race to get a bra off of a different model. Carolyn won and elected to go first, telling a story of her first BDSM experience with someone she just met. Paris followed up with a story of bouncing around plane sex. Find out tomorrow who’s moving on, as we move through our bracket getting closer and closer to the No-Pants Big Dance.


Thursday 3/6/14

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Happy Thursday, ya’ll. Let’s roll through the show.

We started things off by helping to remind everyone that Daylight Saving’s Time is coming up, and that we’re supposed to spring forward this Sunday. Our Just the Tips are scientifically proven to stimulate both your mind… and certain parts of your body.

Next, we welcomed in Lydia Hull from the TV show “SAF3,” from the creator of “Baywatch.” We’ll tell you, it’s got some of the best things that we’re used to seeing on that 90’s beach show: hot chicks, danger, and loads of water. The big three, we like to call it. Since the show features a hot ‘n sexy rescue team, we had our models come in to make some outfits out of first aid kits in a limited amount of time. It’s nice to know that even if you find yourself in a disaster scenario, you can still fashion yourself a bikini pretty simply.


We took a break and then came back with Andrew Quitmeyer, inventer of the “Electric Eel” condom, which uses electrodes to provide extra stimulation. It’s in the prototype phase now, but it sounds pretty cool, so if anyone wants to be a guinea pig, look him up.

Finally, we took the Wheel of Fantasy for its inaugural spin. Our caller landed on Schoolgirl Twins, so he got to coach our ladies through a scenario of his choosing, all while they wore their community college uniforms. We liked this so much, we may bring it back for a weekly segment, so keep a look out.

We’re off next week, so have a good one and see you on the other side!