Monday 3/3/14

Time to rev up another week of Morning Shows, so let’s pull the cord and let ‘er fly…

Today began with a brand new Playboy Poll, where we come to you, the viewer, to help us answer a “questionnaire” of sorts. Today’s topic was “When is the best time to have sex?” Chelsie represented our morning lovers, Erin was our afternoon delight, and Cody brought up the evening. Throughout the show, we came back to see what most people prefer.

Next, we heard some more crazy stories from around the country, where people get naked in public and we tell their story… It’s Good Naked/Bad Naked! Today, we heard about a naked man crawling across a busy street, and a woman who was nude and threw rocks at cars and started a fire. Those things seem dangerous even WITH clothes on…

After that, we checked in with the first of many “Awards You Didn’t See Last Night,” where we bring you deleted sexy scenes from this year’s Oscar contenders. We saw “Her on Her,” “12 Years a Sex Slave,” and some reverse cowgirl action that didn’t make it into “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” Sometimes there’s not enough time in the movie, but good thing we’re here to pick up the pieces.

We took a short break and then came back to do a special red carpet lesbian chicken in honor of Ellen hosting the Academy Awards. Cody and Erin squared off as Chelsie gave us the play-by-play. In the end, Cody bowed out, making Erin the winner. That’s one game that never gets old.


Finally, our poll results are in! Morning came out with a commanding win at 48%, evening had 32%, and afternoon as in the rear with 20%. Way to make your voices heard. That’s what democracy is all about.

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