Wednesday 3/5/14

It’s the beginning of Lent for all you Catholics out there, but in here we replace giving something up with simply giving it up.

Today’s show began with a test of brains, due to the recent results of a test that showed Americans don’t know very simple terms. We wanted to prove them wrong, so not only did we have our beautiful model Mariah answer them, she did while jumping on a trampoline. She passed with flying colors and it just goes to show you that Americans are, in fact, great. Case closed.

Next, we ran through some of our “Constructive Criticism” from viewers who have sent comments and suggestions to us on various social media platforms. It was actually the kindest round of criticism we’ve had yet, and we love you for that.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Christian Kane from the film “50 to 1,” which documents the unlikely story of racehorse Mine That Bird, a horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 2009 despite being a heavy underdog. Christian talked about meeting the horse himself, and how he got kicked out of the Playboy Mansion  and then invited back later.

We can to the realization that some horses have some pretty suggestive names, so we played a game called “Horse or Porn?” where we hear a name and have to guess if it belongs to a thoroughbred or to a movie that shows people thoroughly breeding. With titles like “Oh No It’s My Mother-In-Law,” “Gay Crusader,” and “Round and Brown,” it’s tougher than we thought.

Finally, to celebrate Ass Wednesday, we had Drew come back in to do a Playboy Confessional with Sister Mary Andrea and Pope Klein. After she confessed she got ash on her ass and was sent on her way. It’s good to be blessed.

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