Thursday 3/6/14

Happy Thursday, ya’ll. Let’s roll through the show.

We started things off by helping to remind everyone that Daylight Saving’s Time is coming up, and that we’re supposed to spring forward this Sunday. Our Just the Tips are scientifically proven to stimulate both your mind… and certain parts of your body.

Next, we welcomed in Lydia Hull from the TV show “SAF3,” from the creator of “Baywatch.” We’ll tell you, it’s got some of the best things that we’re used to seeing on that 90’s beach show: hot chicks, danger, and loads of water. The big three, we like to call it. Since the show features a hot ‘n sexy rescue team, we had our models come in to make some outfits out of first aid kits in a limited amount of time. It’s nice to know that even if you find yourself in a disaster scenario, you can still fashion yourself a bikini pretty simply.


We took a break and then came back with Andrew Quitmeyer, inventer of the “Electric Eel” condom, which uses electrodes to provide extra stimulation. It’s in the prototype phase now, but it sounds pretty cool, so if anyone wants to be a guinea pig, look him up.

Finally, we took the Wheel of Fantasy for its inaugural spin. Our caller landed on Schoolgirl Twins, so he got to coach our ladies through a scenario of his choosing, all while they wore their community college uniforms. We liked this so much, we may bring it back for a weekly segment, so keep a look out.

We’re off next week, so have a good one and see you on the other side!

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