Tuesday 3/18/14

Happy Tuesday everybody! It’s National Hangover Day, so we’ll do our best to keep it down.

We started things off today by checking in with one of several “Eatiquette” Tips, to help you out if you ever find yourself at a Nudist diner or restaurant. The rules for everything change when you lose your clothes, and eating is no exception. Just because you’re naked, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still use a napkin.

Next, we looked at some of our Constructive Criticism from our mock “First Kiss” video that’s really taken off online. As with anything that’s popular on the internet, it’s got people talking, and we brought some of their best comments forward, with our models getting more and more naked the meaner the comments got. We’ve got fragile egos, but it really softens the blow to hear it from a hot nude chick.

After that, we welcomed in comedian Justin Harrison, who, aside from being a funny stand-up, also published a book called “Confessions of a Fat Player.” In it, he goes through everything from how to dress, to how to get sexy when the time finally comes. No pun intended.


We played one of our favorite games with Justin, a couples edition of “Name That Alleged Perv,” which featured pairs of alleged criminals’ mugshots that we had to peg the crime to. After all this time, it never gets easier.

Finally, we continued our storied tradition in its historic third year: March Badness! Today’s competitors were Amber and Kourtnee, and the special guest judge was last year’s champ, Ali Rose. We heard Amber’s story of televised lesbianism and Kourtnee’s tale of Steak and Blowjob celebration, but it’s up to you to decide who moves on! Hit us up on Twitter, with the hashtag #marchbadness to make your voice heard. Because our Sixteen is Sweeter.


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