Thursday 3/20/14

Howdy, folks! It’s Thirsty Thursday, and the weekend’s almost in sight.

We started the show off today with some helpful demonstrations about Spring Cleaning! The first day of Spring is today, and that means it’s time to shake the dust from your rugs, and get ready for warmer weather ahead. The best way to do that is to take your clothes off, obviously.

After that, we welcomed in Eileen Schoals and Leigh Ann, from the Pole World News Awards aka the Pole-Dancing Awards! Eileen founded the company Pole World News, and Leigh Ann owns one of the most successful pole schools in the country, BeSpun. They talked to us all about the art of pole dancing and the camaraderie that they build through it… but more importantly, Leigh Ann gave us a demonstration, and let us say… she blew us away.

pole pole1 pole2 poleladies


We took a short break, and then we brought in Pat Healy and Ethan Embry, from the new film “Cheap Thrills,” which opens in select theaters tomorrow! They talked about their movie full of crazier and crazier dares and also stuck around to help us judge the next round of our March Badness! Today pitted Rachel against Jacqueline, underground sex party three-way against porn star three-way. It’s again up to you to pick who you want to see move forward, so hit us up on Twitter @PBMorningShow with the hashtag #marchbadness to cast your vote!

guys badness afterall

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