Tuesday 3/25/14

It’s Topless Tuesday at the Mini Mansion, and when you mix that in with a little Spring Break, you know it’s gonna get crazy.

We began the festivities by trying to settle the age-old question of length versus girth, not with our heads… but with our gut. That’s right, it’s a head-to-head Feastiality, featuring two stories of hot dogs of epic portions. One weighed in at 125 lbs, and another stretched the tape at 20 ft. These wieners are making us hungry. Wait…

Next, we welcomed in Pablo Francisco, friend of the show and funny comedian and voice over extraordinaire. We always love having Pablo in because we feel like we get way more bang for our buck, with all the crazy characters we witness. Pablo’s gonna be all over the place doing stand-up, so keep your ear to the ground and be sure to check him out.

Pablo helped us judge our next round of March Badness, today pitting Kaysee against Sonia in a battle of switching partners throughout the day and watching your boyfriend make out with another dude during an orgy. What do you think should make the cut? Let us know at our Twitter and use the hashtag #marchbadness.


We took a short break and then welcomed in James “Murr” Murray and Joe Gatto from the super hilarious TruTV show “Impractical Jokers.” These life-long friends know how to push each others’ buttons and we get to watch them make fools of each other in public. It’s great. To celebrate Spring Break, we played a round of “No Strings Attached,” where our bikini-clad ladies came in all tied together and moved further apart whenever they answered a question wrong. The clothing didn’t stay on long, and team Murr finished very quickly. But we’re sure that never happened before…


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