Wednesday 3/26/14

Welcome to another Wet ‘n Wild Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion!

We began things today by talking about a new study published that says women are more likely to achieve orgasm the deeper into a relationship they are. To test this theory, we heard from Emily Rose, Mariah, and Ali Rose, who argued for one-night stands, friends with benefits, and long-term relationships, respectively. They all brought up good points, so it seems as though it varies from person to person. Unless you’re a guy. Then it’s all pretty much the same.


After that, we welcomed in Gavin McInnes, star of the new film “How to be a Man,” available on Netflix. The film follows Gavin’s character trying to film (sometimes crude and odd) advice for his unborn son when he realizes that he’s dying. It looks like a super hilarious and even more informative movie, so be sure to check it out.

gavin gavincouch

We kept Gavin in after our break to help us judge our next March Madness battle between Mariah and last year’s champ, Ali Rose. Ali told us about the time she gave her boyfriend a blowjob on the 405 in heavy traffic, and Mariah told us she had sex with a photographer in a haunted, abandoned mental institution. Two very different stories, both equally bad. It’ll be a hard choice for you, but we know you’re up to the task. Hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #marchbadness to help tip the scales.


Finally, we continued on our Playboy Morning Show Spring Break-tacular by having an old standard game with a new spin: the Wheel of Wet! Our models came into the studio with white shirts (actually, more like half shirts) and spun the wheel to determine what kind of water they would get to try to make their shirts transparent. It’s less of a Wet T-shirt Contest and more of an all-out frenzy.

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