Thursday 3/27/14

Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks! Our show today was a tall drink of water, so let’s get to it…

We started things off by welcoming in our models Jenna, Victoria, and Lisa to peruse our table full of props to make “Anything-but-kinis” out of any random things they could stitch together, to finish off our week of Spring Break activities. We’ll check back in with them right after…

Mr. Skin! Skin had some super raunchy pics for us today, so much so that Andrea couldn’t contain herself. And Kevin really couldn’t either… Be sure to check out Mr. Skin’s site for more info and even more pictures.

As Skin was giving us the low-down on celebrity’s low-down, our girls were getting their craft on. They debuted their make-shift Not-kinis, which actually turned out pretty well. So good going, ladies. Way to make something out of other something.

After that, we welcomed in our smokin’-hot Miss March, short-haired Britt Linn. Britt is a 23-year-old New Jersey native who’s HELD A BEATING HUMAN HEART IN HER HANDS. No, really, she has. That’s (probably) a Playmate first. We played a round of “Who Knows Her Body Best,” and “Playmate Pick Six,” both of which she handled with grace and totally knocked out of the park.


Finally, Jenna and Victoria battled it out in the final battle in the first round of our March Badness. Hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #marchbadness to tell us whether you’d rather see Victoria (left a guy at a party to have a three-some with another couple), or Jenna (had an orgy with a bunch of female strippers) move on to the next round.

badnessafter after2

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