Monday 3/31/14

Howdy, ya’ll. It’s a brand new week, and we had a delicious, nutritious show for you. It’s all part of your unbalanced breakfast.

We began the show today by running through our earthquake preparedness. There was another quake here over the weekend, and apparently some sticklers thought our earthquake drill wasn’t exactly “safe” or “accurate” or “smart” enough for them. So, to make amends, we ran another drill, which was pretty much exactly the same, but this one included life-saving pillows for our girls to hide under. Or fight each other with. Either way.

Next, we announced our Food Porn contest, which is a super-cool competition that YOU can participate in. We need you to shoot videos where food is getting it on, and we might even show it on the Morning Show. But that’s not all: the winner of the contest will get tickets to fly out and be on the Morning Show! Watch our video here for full instructions, and get creative!

After that, we talked on the phone with Spy Emerson, the owner and operator of the Hook-Up Truck, a truck that drives around that you can bang on. Sounds like an awesome idea, and we support it wholeheartedly. So if you see a nondescript truck driving around offering you a good time, go for it!

We took a short break and then came back to run through some Good Naked/Bad Naked, which we haven’t done for a few weeks, and had some good stories backlogged. We heard about a girl who got drunk and flashed down at people through a glass ceiling, and a man who masturbates on his lawn whenever a girl walks by. Pretty standard stuff here in Good Naked/Bad Naked. If people keep doing it, then we’ll keep showing it.

Finally, we had the first matchup in our second round of March Badness, featuring Kaysee versus Danielle. It’s starting to get real up in here, and the ladies definitely upped their game. Keep voting on who you think should make it further. The Final Fore-play is only a few short games away…


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