Tuesday 4/1/14

Hey all you foolz out there in internet land. It’s the First of April. If someone tells you you don’t have to pay your rent, they’re probably lying.

We started the show off by christening the shower to begin our month-long April Showers segment. Today, we had the inaugural shower featuring one hot chick, and it’ll only get more and more interesting (and wet) as the month goes on. Our water bill is gonna be insane.

Next, we want to help people prank today, but, we also want to help people be sexy. So today, we’re pranking sexy in honor of April Fools. Take old favorites like the Whoopie Cushion, or the whipped cream on the hand, and make them better with hot girls. Be are more ready to forgive you if you’re already naked.

We had two fearsome March Badness matches to get to today, the first one involving Victoria and Rayshell. Victoria had a quickie in the men’s room sauna at her gym, and Rayshell left her house to continue her sex session in the park. The next battle pitted Sonia against Amber, where Sonia made two sex tapes in one day, and Amber had revenge sex right before sleeping with her boyfriend, then told him two weeks later. All these stories are pretty bad, but it’s up to you to decide who moves on. Hit up our Twitter with the hashtag #marchbadness, and you can make your voice heard.

rayshellvictoria soniaamber

Finally, don’t forget to keep submitting those Food Porn videos! Upload your video to Youtube and then tweet us the link and we might even show it on the show. The grand prize is to fly out to LA and get to watch a live taping of the Morning Show! Happy humping!

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