Thursday 4/3/14

It’s another Thirsty Thursday here in the Mini Mansion, and we’ve got just the thing to slake that thirst.

We started things off by looking at two more entries in our Food Porn competition, and we gotta say… they’re getting more and more sophisticated. So good work, but we still need submissions from the rest of you! Post your own Food Porn on Youtube and send us the link for a chance to win a trip to see the Morning Show live!

After that, we jumped right into our first March Badness battle of the day, between Sonia and Danielle. It was the first match in our Final Four-some and it didn’t disappoint: Sonia told us how she accidentally hooked up with two brothers in the same day, and Danielle said she had sex in a ball pit at a fast food restaurant. Both bad, but for different reasons. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite on our Twitter.


Next, we welcomed in Brian Howie and Chelsea Autumn, who are participating in “The Great Love Debate” at the Long Beach Playhouse this weekend. They offered their professional perspective as to why men and women are single and what it means to truly have confidence in yourself. If you find yourself in Long Beach, check it out.


We took a short break and then talked on the phone with Dinos Andreou, the creator of “Kissenger,” the first device that allows users to kiss each other across an internet connection. The device lets you realistically kiss across the globe, and we assume it can be used on any body part, so… yeah, there ya go.

Finally, we had our second match-up between Amber and Victoria. Victoria gave a guy a banana split blowjob in a restaurant, and Amber hooked up with the celebrity host of a show she did, and had the bite marks and bruises to prove it.

To close out the show, we had all of the Final Four-some by continuing April Showers with a post-game free-for-all shower-fest. Why this isn’t part of every sporting event, we don’t know.

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