Monday 4/7/14

Welcome to another week of mayhem in the Mini Mansion, with the Playboy Morning Show!

We started things off today by checking out a video we shot at the real-life set of Family Guy’s Drunken Clam bar. They realistic set is a promotion for their new game for tablets, and we sent Lauren Elise to the red carpet to catch up with some of the voice actors from the show.

Next, we looked at some more Food Porn submission videos. Just remember: there shouldn’t be any PEOPLE in the videos. Just food. It’s Food Porn. That being said, keep sending them in! Some of them are really great, but our appetite is only getting bigger. Tweet us the link to your Youtube video, and you’re in the running for the contest.

In order to help you guys out with the creation of these videos, we’re going to look at all the different Food Porn Food Groups in our Food Porn Pyramid this week. Today, we started at the base, with Dick-Shaped Foods. It’s not a Food Porn without some sort of phallic fruit, veggie, or meat.

After that, we had our first “How-To with the Howe Twins,” where they enlightened us as to how to make an Arnold Palmer. Thank your lucky stars these ladies showed you the right way, it’s pretty tough.


Following the informative Howe-to, we welcomed in NFL player Kahlil Bell, who is a free agent right now, looking for a team to pick him up. He also was nice enough to help us assist the Howe Twins with their next how-to: How to Do a Long Snap. We’ll let them slide on this one, as they are British and American Football terminology maybe just isn’t in their wheelhouse.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Adam Ray, a stand-up comedian who has a new album out entitled “Poptart Suicide.” Adam stayed in the studio to help us judge our next game: Twin to Win! We pitted the Howe Twins against the Blondies, in a battle of who knows their twin best. In the end, the Howe Twins tumbled, but you’ll have to check in tomorrow to see what their punishment is….

adam blondes kahlilgirls after

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