Tuesday 4/8/14

Welcome to yet another Topless Tuesday extravaganza here in the Mini Mansion. Let’s get to it…

We started things off today by looking back at yesterday’s post-show victory/defeat showers, where the Blonde Twins got the reward of the hot water, and the Howe Twins had to soak in the icy chill of the cold shower. We play for real here, folks.

Next, we saw some more food porn videos, both from someone in Miami, and the Howe Twins themselves. Keep those submissions coming in by tweeting the link to your Youtube video, and you could win a chance to see the Morning Show in person!

After that, we ran through another one of our Food Porn Food Groups on our Pyramid, today covering Creamy Foods. It’s important that you get that money shot to really round out your Food Porn video, and Ali Rose and Mariela ran through the different types and styles to help you decide what you need to feed.

Following that, we welcomed in Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, who came in his trademark green pimp suit with some nice goblets for Kevin and Andrea. Bishop told us how he’s finally starting to settle down (with only three ladies) and even gave a little PSA about drug use. Aww…

pimpguy after

After a short break, we welcomed in Ali Rose, last year’s March Badness champ, to sit on the couch and tell us what it means to have to finally give up her title and get her fishnets cut down.

In the final showdown, the Last March Badness Battle, we pitted Victoria against Danielle. Victoria went first, telling us a story of how she had a threesome… on the hood of a car on the side of a freeway! Pretty raunchy stuff, but Danielle countered with a story of lesbian couple-swapping. Also, pretty good. But, after a bevvy of callers gave their opinions, Victoria was declared the winner!

After cutting down Ali’s fishnets, the girls all headed over to a celebratory April Shower with balloons, silly string, confetti, and of course water.

girls1 nets

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