Wednesday 4/9/14

It’s Hump Day here in the Mini Mansion. Also it’s the middle of the week. Wait, is that why people call it that? We’ve been doing it ALL wrong.

We started the madness today by doing some Constructive Criticism. What other show allows you to make your praise and grievances heard in real time? We didn’t do any research, but probably none. Our girls read your increasingly critical advice in increasingly little clothing to soften the blow.

After that, we checked out a rather good Food Porn, that featured steamy meat on meat action. Literally steamy. We also ran through our next Food Porn Food Group: Food With Holes! Another essential part of a balanced Food Porn, food with holes serve as the canvas upon which the film is painted. Usually by the creamy foods, but we digress.

Next, Andrew Shulz came into the studio, host of the MTV show “Jobs That Don’t Suck.” Andrew got some good information about female anatomy and also grilled Kevin and Andrea on their job, which many people claim doesn’t suck. Just because they get free massages from hot girls all day doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. Rock hard.


We took a short break and then talked via Skype with Shanice Jordyn, our April 2014 Playmate. Shanice’s hot spread (which you should definitely check out) features her naked in a roller rink, and she looks right at home under the neon-colored lights.

To close out the show, we spun the Wheel of Wet in the shower, and it landed on Human Loofah! Our girls gave each other a good rub-down, shower-style as we signed off for the day. Sometimes you wish that hour was just a few seconds longer.


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