Thursday 4/10/14

Happy Thursday, folks! It’s time to run through the show.

We began the festivities today by taking another Playboy Poll. Today’s topic was: what looks better all sudsy in the shower? Your choices were a) ass b) boobs or c) cooch. Let’s see who comes out clean at the end…

After that, we looked at another Food Porn submission, and went through the next item in our Food Porn Pyramid, Round Mounds. Lest we forget, these round foods can double as boobs or asses, or anything in between. Our models Kat and Jessica came in to help us get to know these circular edibles a little bit better.

Next, it was time to welcome in Andre Branch and Matt Ware, two pro football players (one from the NFL, and one from the CFL, respectively). We talked to them about what it’s like to play defense in the hardest-hitting sport on Earth, and then gave them a chance to show their softer sides by doing a little painting…

That’s right, it’s time for another round of Chicktionary! Our canvas, Kat, came in and bared all as the players teamed up with a model each and tried to guess the football terms drawn on our model’s naked form. They did a really good job, until it came time to draw “the Player’s Strike of 1982.” Maybe that one was a little too hard.


Finally, we revealed that a) for Ass is the winner of the suds your duds Playboy Poll, and we celebrated by giving the ass a little extra attention. Who knew surveys could be so eye-opening?

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