Monday 4/14/14

It’s another Mam-tastic Monday here in the Mini Mansion. Here’s what went down…

We started things off by reading some Fe-Mails sent to us by you, the viewers! We announced that we are extending our deadline for our Food Porn videos one more week to give everyone a little bit more time to really make their videos stand out. So get ready to step up your game and send those in! Tweet us your Youtube link and we’ll put it on the air.

Next, we looked at another Food Porn submission, this time from the city of Brotherly Love. This video featured some backward bread buns getting a healthy dose of butter, if you know what we mean… We really sandwiched a lot of euphemisms in there.

After that, we welcomed in porn star Elizabeth Starr, who has size O breasts. That’s not a zero folks, that’s the letter “o”, as in “O my god those are huge boobs.” Here’s some pictures because words fail to come close…

starr starr2


We took a short break and then it was time to hit the links at the “Ass-ters.” Our version of the Master’s Golf Tournament features not a green jacket, but a green thong up for grabs for the girl with the lowest score at the end of four holes. There’s probably a joke we can make about four holes, but we’re not really sure what it is… Either way, at the end, Mariela became our champion and donned her championship bottoms. This truly is the game of kings.

assters assters2 assters3 after

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